Strategic Management -Case Discussion paper
December 9, 2018
Discuss the major specialty areas within the field- HR Management
December 9, 2018
Scenario Your manager and you recently attended a conference in which you heard about a new technology/methodology that sounds like it could be potentially useful in your workplace OR a new security threat that is particularly challenging to address. (Preferably you’ll come up with a scenario and a technology/methodology or security scenario that is relevant to your future career.)

·         Your topic MUST have a practical aspect, not theoretical–your focus should be on what professionals need to know or do NOW or in the NEAR FUTURE.

·         Tailor your discussion to the needs of professionals in a particular job role or industry. For example, it could be “What Tech Writers Should Start Learning Now About Artificial Intelligence.”

·         A good test for an appropriate topic is to ask: “Is it being discussed in journals, blogs, forums, and conference presentations as something that people are starting to implement now, or changing the way they use/apply it now?”

·         BANNED TOPICS THIS SEMESTER: PLEASE DO NOT propose any topics related to Bitcoin.

Audience/Purpose The audience is the instructor. Discuss the topic that you are researching and the audience that you are writing for. Explain why this topic is relevant and timely. The Position is a Position of Fact, in which you are explaining why this topic is a good choice for this project & why you should receive approval to proceed.
Word Count 150- to 300-word project summary plus 4 annotated citations of 100 to 200 words each
Structure and Content ·         Opening Statement: State the topic that you are investigating, the intended audience for the report, and your Position.

·         Methodology: Describe the work that you’ve done so far and the work that is remaining.

·         Issues and Conclusions: Explain why this topic is suitable for this assignment, relevant to the intended audience, and worthwhile to investigate.

·         Closing Statement: Ask for approval to continue the work; describe your next steps.

Format ·         The top part of the document is the memo.

·         Below that, provide an annotated bibliography including at least 4 sources that you’ve found so far.

·         Present the citations in alphabetical order by the author’s last name.

·         Below each citation, provide an annotation. It should be about half summary and about half evaluation (your evaluation of the usefulness of the source for your project).

Example of an Annotated Citation in APA Format:

Grading Criteria ·         Purpose/Audience: The memo presents and supports a Position that is consistent with the assignment scenario. For full points, it consistently focuses on presenting and supporting a clearly stated position and is tailored to meet the reader’s goals.

·         Development/Support: The position is well developed through a discussion of the topic, audience, and plan of work.

·         Organization/Format: The memo follows the required structure and presents the content in well-structured paragraphs. The annotated citations are in the required APA format and include a summary and an evaluation.

·         Professional Ethos: The tone is characterized by informal yet professional language, active voice,  concise sentences, and correct grammar/spelling/word choice; no $20 words and phrases; no wordiness.

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